Some of my own favorite lyrics.  

Hopefully they will inspire you.

“When you choose to see the truth in your life - your vision will not change.” 

"Anywhere you are, feels like home to me. Anytime I’m with you, it’s where I want to be. You’re my favorite place to be.”

- “Favorite Place” by Austin Marolla

“Now all the dreams we had inside of us are in front of us. Everything we
Wanted us exactly what we have and it’s’re real!” 

- “Real" by Austin Marolla

“Oh mirror mirror what do I see?  Is love conditional or is it free? We’re all made up of the same star above. Started out with so much love. Cause I am beautiful. We’re worth fighting for. We can mend the scars on our fragile heart with Forgiveness.”

- “Forgiveness” by Austin Marolla

“Soon you’ll be dreaming, believing tomorrow will be beautiful. You’ll wander through this big old world, in search of all things wonderful - like you. So go to sleep. Count you’re sheep. Dream Away. Tomorrow’s another day. I love you!”

- “Lullaby” by Austin Marolla

 “I make my day, anyway I want to.  I’m on my way - Today!” 

- “Today” by  Austin Marolla



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